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One of DeVe-Pack its strengths is two-component dosing. Do you need to pack two different, non-mixable (e.g. oil and balsamic) components? DeVe-Pack packs the two different materials in a two-component sachet!

You can supply us with a wide range of raw materials to be packed:

• Powders
• Instant pasta
• Tablets
• Dried food
• Clear fluids
• Suspensions and fluids with particles
• …


Preferably, you supply us with the raw materials in:

Single-service containers

Return-to-vendor containers

Pooling containers

Big bags: 500 L and 1000 L

Monofoil bags: < 30 kg (66 lb.)

Containers and buckets (e.g. sauces): < 20 kg (45 lb.)

Bag-in-box: < 20 kg (45 lb.)